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Ingredient Hit-List.

Eau de parfums - We do not include any ingredients banned by IFRA (International Fragrance Association).  Any restricted ingredients are only used within limits allowed by IFRA.  For example, the limit on Jasmine Grandiflorum is 0.7% and that is the maximum we use.  IFRA restrictions are far more stricter than FDA!

Asmi "Glow Boldly" (natural and non-toxic) - We believe that what you want put on your body is as important as the food you eat.  Currently there are over a 100 ingredients commonly found in skin care products that we do not allow.  These exceed the Whole Foods banned list

We also checked our ingredients against the EU list which bans over 1,320 (compared to 12 in the US) ingredients from cosmetics.  We are proud to note that NONE of these made it to our products!

In summary, all our skin and hair care products are free of the following:

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