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About Us

Asmita, Founder and Chief Formulator

Asmi Glow Boldly began in the creative hearth of Austin, Texas.  Although majority of Asmita's career was in corporate finance, she always had a strong creative, artistic inclination.  The intensive research in essential oils and plant extracts began around 2014.  The products were first made for the family.  In 2017, they were introduced to the market.

Asmita was a stay at home mom for about a decade when she started to explore healthier living options for everything from diet, exercise, holistic living and of course skincare.  Her firstborn is in college now and the younger one in high school.  

The skincare line was developed with in-house knowledge of Asmita's brother, a revered dermatologist in India.  The entire family exclusively uses these.

Our philosophy at Glow Boldly is that if the skin and the soul are nourished, beauty follows naturally!

Why Perfumes?

Asmita grew up in a small town on the Malwa Plateau in central India about 60 miles away from the fort of Mandu.  This is where the "book of delights" or "Ni'matnama" was written over 500 years ago with emphasis on olfactory pleasure and recipes for fragrant salves, ittars etc.
The book is now in the British Library.  However, much is unchanged and she got to experience not just the ruins of Mandu but also walking through centuries old alleys in her home town with flower garland and incense shops plus "attar wallas".  Memories of childhood are so inspirational today.
Yet there has been much progress with new technology and research in organic chemistry.  We strive to balance old with the new trying to make it just Goldilocks!


It fascinated Asmita immensely to learn how perfumery evolved over 5,000 years and flourished across all cultures and religions around the globe.  Scents move us and affect our emotions.   

It has been a pleasure experimenting with plant extracts from around the world and how modern aromatic ingredients partner with ones that have been used for thousands of years.  Past and the present leading the way to the future........isn't that how life is supposed to be? 

Why Clean Beauty?

Wanting to be healthy inside as well as outside started the journey towards clean, natural and organic.  

Asmita's brother guided research in Botanicals from Dermatology textbooks as well as his own writings on natural moisturizers.  We also incorporate actives and NMFs which are nature identical to replenish what our own bodies make less of with age.


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