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What does Forza de Vie mean?

Forza is Italian for “force” or strength.  De Vie is French for “of life”.  For me it is the positive energy that connects us human beings.

My maternal great-grandfather whose last name was aptly “Vaidya” (sanskrit for doctor), wrote books about Pranayama, anatomy and spiritual guidance.  They are still in print in India.

Those books have also inspired me to create the product lines because they promote well-being - emotional and physical as they are both interdependent.

 Hope you find time in your day to relax and enjoy our products and nourish your skin and soul!


Shelf Life:

The shelf life is 6-12 months (6 months for water based and 12 months for oil based) from order date if stored in a cool, dark place.  Compare this to factory-made products which may have a very long shelf life of 24 months or more because of liberal use of synthetic preservatives.  Also, our skincare products are made fresh so what we ship to you was blended within 2 weeks of shipping.


How do we get by with almost no preservative?

By skipping on water in almost all our products as well as the packaging.  

This also great because you are not paying for water.  Water is the main reason why preservatives are needed to prevent mold formation and bacteria/germ growth.  Microorganisms grow and flourish in the presence of water.  

However, our skin definitely NEEDS water.   Please make sure your skin is moist before our Organics products are applied.  After a shower or bath is the best time to trap the moisture in the skin.

When botanical hydrosols or water are used, the preservatives used are ones approved by EcoCert for use in organic cosmetics.

Notice our top-notch packaging to further protect and preserve the products.  Everything is in thick-walled/colored/frosted glass containers.  Far superior than plastic packaging!


Manufacturing Facility:

We have 600 square feet dedicated to lab work and manufacturing.  We use a stainless steel, commercial table and dedicated equipment for all formulations.  Good manufacturing practices are followed throughout.  Although handcrafted and made in small batches, our operation is NOT  "run out of the kitchen".


Are the perfumes all natural?

Our perfumes contain a much higher percentage of naturals than department store perfumes.  We do use nature-identical synthetics when they are safer from an allergy perspective, are more eco-friendly and do not harm any animals.

For example - the musk deer was hunted to extinction.  No deer were harmed for the Musk in our perfumes.  Again, we use aroma molecules identical to the ones found naturally.


IFRA Compliance:

All our products are compliant with the standards of the International Fragrance Association.  The IFRA Standards are based on safety assessments by the Panel of Experts of the RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR FRAGRANCE MATERIALS (RIFM).



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