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Honey, I shrunk the pores Supermask TM NEW

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  • New! There are foods and super foods, man and Superman.  Now a Supermask packed with botanical extracts and actives super targeted for a terrific pore detox and tightening job!  Single Use.  For a super beautiful you!  For a limited time, get this steel spoon free - it measures exactly the 2 tablespoons water to make the powder mask gel!

    Activated Charcoal - Adsorbant, detoxifier

     Tepezcohuite - Healing astringent

     Fenugreek - Purifying

  • Caffeine and allantoin-  Calming, soothing



  • Diatomaceous Earth (food grade), Cornstarch, Activated Charcoal, Tepezcohuite, Fenugreek, Calcium Sulfate, Marine Alginate, Caffeine, Allantoin, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate

  • Pour contents in a bowl. In another container keep 30 ml (2 tablespoons) water, at room temperature, ready to use. Add the water to the dry mask powder and mix QUICKLY to form a smooth, homogenous paste. Apply IMMEDIATELY without waiting in a thick layer on face and neck, avoiding the eye area, lips, and hair. Leave on for 7-10 minutes. The mask will gel. Do not wait for it to dry and not more than 10 minutes. Once the mask does not feel sticky, loosen the edges and start removing in one piece. Rinse off any remaining mask and then your usual care. 

    Skin allergy test - take 1/2 tsp mask and add 1/2 tsp water. Mix and apply to inside elbow and peel-off in 10 minutes. Wait 48 hours.  

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