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Yogi - Calming and Mystical, Unisex

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  • One sniff will instantly transport your senses to a state of serene meditation.

  • A spritz of Yogi to get in the mood for stretching myself physically and mentally. A reminder that yoga is as much a state of mind as the body. Yogi makes you feel that the natural world is in complete balance. Scents of flowers, herbs, incense. It’s my quest to decipher what the ancient yogis smelt in their environment. I also keep a smaller spray in the car and it’s totally relaxing when stuck helplessly in Austin traffic!!

  •  A perfume that recreates the mystical olfactory environment that inspired the ancient yogis. Unpolluted air scented by roses and jasmine, breezes from sandalwood and kewra forests, fragrant roots like Vetiver and Cypriol plus wet soil after the monsoons! Earthy yet divine, light and fresh yet complex.

    It is a deeply calming and spiritual fragrance.  Great to enhance your Yoga practice, help relax in high-stress meetings and to unwind.


  • Ingredients: Denatured Alcohol (SDA Formula 40B), Fragrance, Water,  Dipropylene Glycol

    Ingredients highlight - Jasmine Grandiflorum and Bulgarian Rose Absolutes plus essential oils of Sweet Basil, Bergamot,Bitter Orange, Black Pepper, Carrot Seed, Celery Seed, Cypriol, Kewra, Haitian Vetiver, and Ylang Ylang

  • Top: Nutmeg, Basil, Citrus, Musk
    Middle: Rose, Jasmine, Kewda, Fresh Hay
    Base: Vetiver, Cypriol, Sandalwood, Coumarin

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