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Rose Petals Scrub (Custom, your choice) NEW

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  • Organic rose petals and chamomile flowers plus your choice of exfoliant, from mild to strong - all powdered and mixed with Moroccan Rhassoul clay and powdered coconut milk powder.  

  • Exfoliate away dead cells to reveal radiant and glowing skin underneath! A weekly polishing treatment to naturally brighten and tone.  Safer than microdermabrasion and synthetic chemical treatments. Step 1 of 4-Step facial.   In a single use biodegradable packet or a 4 fl oz recycled glass jar.

    Rose and Chamomile - Softening and skin brightening

    Rosehips - Gentle exfoliant

     Bamboo - Medium exfoliant

  • Olive Kernels - Strong exfoliant



  • Ingredients: powdered petals* (rose and chamomile - softening and skin-brightening), Moroccan rhassoul clay (clears pores of oil and debris, reducing redness and pore size), choice of exfoliant, coconut milk powder*, beet root powder* (*certified organic ingredients)

  • Mix with water or liquid face cleanser. Apply gently in a circular motion for about 30 seconds. Rinse off with water. For a face mask, leave on for 2-3 extra minutes and then rinse off.

    Once a week polishing treatment. Also step 1 of 4 step facial.

    Keep away from heat and light. Best used within 12 months of purchase.

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