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Scents of Summer - DIY Perfume Workshop

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Booking open from Memorial Day until Labor Day!  What does SUMMER smell like to you?  For some it might be the intoxicating scent of fresh coconut water or the tangy linger of a ripe-but-not-too-ripe tropical fruit.  Maybe it's the wafting smell of salty air that makes its way over a sizzling beach and onto our sunscreen lathered bodies.  While spring was for flowers, summer scents are defined by tropical fruits and dichotomies of sweet, tangy, and hot.  Come CREATE YOUR SUMMER SCENT that takes you on your own adventure at this class!

Asmita, our chief perfumer  will first present an overview of the history of perfume and extraction methods over the last 5,000 thousand years.  You will learn about the art of composition and then apply that to making your own fragrance blend.  There will be 20 scents to choose from including some which are always included in our classes like Rose Absolute, Vetiver, and Bergmaot essential oils.

All supplies are provided.  You will take home a 5 mL bottle of your eau de parfum and the worksheet to record the perfume formula.  Reproductions in 50 mL are possible and can be ordered online.

 Please contact us for time and location availability at

Testimonials from previous DIY:

"Awesome class!  That was a nice history lesson as well.  I majored in art history at UT and loved the walk down memory lane :)"

"So helpful and this class was everything I could've wanted.  Very happy w/the perfume I made...."

"Today we made our own perfume!!  I learned so much about myself, the history of fragrance, and how it's a spiritual experience because of how scent ties to memory.  I concoted a personal fragrance of vanilla, apricot, and cardamom."

"Thanks for sharing your passion!"

All fragrances made during the workshops are Eau de Parfum. They contain alcohol and are flammable. They should not be used near fire, flame or heat. They should not be swallowed and are for external use only.  We recommend testing your fragrance on a small area of your skin before regular use.

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