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Trial Kits, Themed NEW

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Our trial kits are grouped and themed according to your goals.  Optional add-on is Miracles of Squalane in 30 mL for only $16 (this size is only available in trial kits)

Hydration trial kit - Enzyme face scrub, Hyaluronic Hydragel, Glow Serum, Seaweed-Allantoin peel-off mask.

Antiaging trial kit - Rose and Bamboo face scrub, Kindle Hydragel, "Ageless" Glow Serum, Baobab and Resveratrol peel-off mask.

Clear & Radiant trial kit - Rose and olive kernels scrub, Kindle Hydragel, "Radiant" Glow Serum, Manjistha and Vitamin C peel-off mask.

Acne control trial kit - Acne Serum, Glow Serum w/10% Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (Vitamin C, oil soluble and stable)

Strong, shiny hair trial kit - Hair Growth Serum (5 mL), Hair Tonic Serum (10 mL)

Scrubs and face masks are single use pouches.  Gels and serums in 2-4 mL sizes.  

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