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Rose Petals Face Polish (Custom, your choice) NEW

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  • Organic rose petals plus your choice of exfoliant, from mild to strong - all powdered and mixed with Moroccan Rhassoul clay and powdered organic coconut milk powder.  

  • Exfoliate away dead cells to reveal radiant and glowing skin underneath! A weekly polishing treatment to naturally brighten and tone.  Safer than microdermabrasion and synthetic chemical treatments. Step 1 of 4-Step facial.   In a single use biodegradable packet or a 4 fl oz recycled glass jar.  If you currently have acne, please only use the Enzyme Scrub.  

    Organic Damask Rose - Softening and skin brightening

    Rosehips - Mild exfoliant

     Bamboo - Medium exfoliant

  • Olive Kernels - Strong exfoliant



  • Ingredients: powdered petals* (rose and chamomile - softening and skin-brightening), Moroccan rhassoul clay (clears pores of oil and debris, reducing redness and pore size), choice of powdered exfoliant (Mild with Rosehips, Medium with Bamboo, Strong with Olive kernels), coconut milk powder*, beet root powder* (*certified organic ingredients)

  • Mix with water or liquid face cleanser. Apply gently in a circular motion for about 30 seconds. Rinse off with water. For a face mask, leave on for 2-3 extra minutes and then rinse off.

    Once a week polishing treatment. Also step 1 of 4 step facial.

    Keep away from heat and light. Best used within 12 months of purchase.

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